Shankill: Original Belfast - Since 455AD

This identity project was launched on Tuesday 2nd December in the Shankill library to an audience of about 70 local people, community groups and the tourism industry. I had a 15 minute slot in the middle of the event to explain the process from start to finish. Thanks to everyone on the Shankill who has been so supportive throughout the three month project, and so enthusiastic about the finished job.

Thanks also to the News Letter and Belfast Telegraph who gave the project good coverage the following day. However it's a shame that the picture editors of both papers chose to use the red-white-and-blue and Union Flag press photos, because there's a much bigger, richer story to the Shankill than just those, and which the overall project demonstrates.

The brand is built on these six values - loyal, resolute, tough, authentic, nostalgic, warm - a consistent Shankill logotype underpinned by the message "Original Belfast - Since 455AD" - with a family of 16 different symbols.

> Download Shankill Brand Guidelines ( PDF - 1.3mb)